About Us

We're just normal people, who never in our lives dreamt we'd
parents to quadruplets. I'll tell the story in another section of our blog about how we got here and the experiences we had but I often find myself wanting to know more about the author of the blogs I read, so here is my attempt to answer some questions in hope that you can get to know us a bit!
While I may spend a lot of time talking about babies, family, fertility, frugality, etc., I know that my worth is in Christ. God has given me a passion for all of these things, and I intend to use it, and share it with you all!  Nothing will fill you like the love of Christ.

First and foremost, we are Christians. We live near the water by Corpus Christi, Texas and enjoy every minute we can of the coastal breezes and beautiful crystal clear beaches.

I'm from an itty bitty town in Central Texas. If you're into antiques, you may recognize it for the twice-annual antique "weekends".  My parents still reside there today..  I am formerly a recruiter for a large commercial real estate firm. I love helping people find the next move in their career as well as helping hiring managers find good people to work for them but when our babies were born at just 28 weeks, I quickly learned that I can't be everywhere at all times and since the cost of child care for four premature infants was about as much as I was making, I made the tough decision to leave my recruiting position and put on my yoga pants and t-shirts for a few years to care for our babies. My new "job" is constant, and there are few breaks. The work is never-ending and the pay, non-existent. However, I love every second of it and am grateful for the time and the memories I am able to make with my four miracles.

My husband is from Roswell, New Mexico (yup, you know, aliens)! I must admit, when he first told me where he was from, I wanted to date him simply so I could get the inside scoop on what actually happened there. Good thing he had other good qualities as well because as I learned on my first trip to Roswell, the Alien Museum is rather, well, unimpressive. My husband is the handiest of men to have around. He can fix just about anything that breaks including cars, washing machines, jewelry, water heaters, showers, and more.  He also loves fishing, hunting, and all things outdoors. He wanted to date me just because my parents have a house in a small Texas coastal fishing town and it gives him a chance to escape! 

We are the proud parents of four beautiful blessings from above! Our babies were born in January of 2014. It's been a whirlwind. Through lots of love from our community, our family, and our friends, we are surviving and thriving. We couldn't do this without God's help and through angels who have helped us, we know He's on our side.

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  1. Misty,
    You are such an amazing person and an even more amazing mom. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to make you and those sweet babies a part of my life and I think your right; it was God that brought us together. (I mean it couldn't have worked out more perfectly!)

    I have seen you go through a lot in the past few months and I have seen nothing but strength in you, even when times were rough. I hope that you can always keep that strength and love those sweet babies with everything your heart has, and then some! But do remember, IT IS OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP! I am here for you anytime you need it whether it is baby related or just need someone to talk to. :)

    If anyone else is reading this message who may not know Misty personally, she truly is one of a kind. She keeps her faith strong and when things get rough she turns to God. She is the most amazing mother I have ever seen (and I am a nanny, so I have seen a few). She loves those babies unconditionally and they are so blessed to have her as their mom. They will grow up knowing love, patience, kindness, and support in everything they do.

    Okay, I'll stop my rambling now. I just wanted Misty, as well as others who may read this comment, to know how amazing of a mommy as well as a person she is.