Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quadruple the Love 2015

We hope that everyone had a very happy Valentine's Day! We definitely spent our day making some simple, fun, family memories. After sleeping in (the babies slept until 8:00 AM), we all woke up and spent some time snuggling in Mommy and Daddy's bed. We then had a breakfast of french toast, yogurt and bananas before getting dressed and loading up in the van. We had a few errands to run, so we headed into town and knocked those out. Then, the search was on for Mommy's anniversary, Christmas, birthday, and Valentine's Day present. Yup, I waited a long time but I finally get to scratch one of the things off my want list. (Don't judge! When you've got four babies, gifts are definitely a luxury and we don't get them that often.) 

So what did I get you ask? I got a Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine Starter Bundle. I've been wanting one for ages to make all kinds of crafty projects for our home and for the babies. Did you see the t-shirts we wore for the quads birthday? A friend with one of these helped me to design them. She also made me the sticker that's on my car and has done a ton of projects that I'd love to have. Not to mention, every time I walk into Hobby Lobby or another craft store, I'm overwhelmed by all of the cute prints. I've got so many pictures of them on my cell phone so I can create my own, much cheaper versions. The walls in the babies' room and playroom are pretty bare. I can't wait for my machine to come so that I can fix that! While we tried to buy the machine in Corpus, one wasn't to be found as most of the stores were sold out and the ones that did have it, only included the machine vs the whole bundle found online. So I decided to wait a few days for it to arrive. Now I'm constantly on the look out for the FedEx truck!

After the errands in Corpus, we took a quick drive to check out the beach and then drove over to Port Aransas for a couple hours before heading home, feeding the quads a late lunch, and loading back up to knock out some grocery shopping. Since the quadlings have started table foods, our grocery bill has quadrupled! These kiddos can eat! We're always trying new foods but I try my best to stick with healthy options. We go through a gallon of milk every two days! I told Adam yesterday that we really need to be on the look out for a good, used refrigerator to keep in the garage so I don't have to load everyone up and go to the grocery store every other day. Along with that, we'll probably be on the lookout for a used washer and dryer soon as well. 

$260 and plenty of stares and comments later, we were loaded back up in the van and headed home. Adam and I got everyone out and for the first time, we gave them free reign of the downstairs while we made dinner together. What would you expect other than to have all four in the kitchen with us at our feet in only a matter of a few minutes! Adam made a pot of spaghetti while I shredded carrots and cheese and cut up pears for the quadlings. When it was done, the six of us all sat at the quad table and enjoyed our spaghetti! I can honestly say, while not the most romantic, it was definitely one of my favorite Valentine's Day dinners ever. 

I had five Valentine's Day dates!

When we were done, we shared bath duty and got all of the babies ready for bed. Since they didn't really nap all day, it was only a few minutes before they were soundly asleep in their bed. We enjoyed a few minutes alone sitting on the couch eating ice cream and just relaxing once the kitchen was cleaned and the quad table wiped down. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

We Have Four One-Year-Olds (Wow!)

Hi! I've emerged from the trenches so that I can give an update on what all has been going on. As you've probably guessed, having four toddlers has thrown us into a completely new ballgame and just like when we first came home from the hospital, it's definitely taking some adjustment time.

Can you believe that we have four one-year-olds already? The babies celebrated their first birthday at the end of January. Because their special day falls right in the middle of RSV and flu season, we opted not to have a big party for them. Trust us, we DEFINITELY wanted to celebrate making it through the first year, but when it comes to their health, we weren't willing to run the risk. Instead, we chose to invite over our immediate family and made sure everyone was warned that if they were sick or had been around anyone that had been sick, we preferred them to come visit another time. 

The celebrating began the weekend before their actual birthday when Uncle Wayne and Aunt Laurie came from San Antonio to see them. We had a super fun visit and the babies definitely were loved on. Aunt Laurie (Tante) was sad though because she was no longer able to fit all four on her lap.

While not everyone was able to make it, Adam's Mom, Brother, Sister-in-law, nephew and nieces were able to drive in from New Mexico to spend the weekend with us and my Mom was able to drive in from Round Top (yep, cancer and everything SHE actually drove the 3.5 hours to see us). The babies love when their cousins are around because they get all kinds of attention. J and E are amazing babysitters. They are always so much help when they're around. They spent hours playing in the playroom with the babies, making them laugh, and even helping change those pesky dirty diapers. Adam saw to it that they had a little bit of fun and took J, J, and E to see the beach, collect shells, see the USS Lexington along with the Port and all of the big ships coming in. 

On the day of the babies' actual birthday celebration, Adam's mom made us yummy red chili enchiladas, a New Mexico favorite. While the babies had their own meal, Waylon actually enjoyed when his Dad shared enchiladas with him. After our meal, we sang "Happy Birthday" four different times and we blew out candles four different times. Evelyn couldn't wait to get her hands in the cake. The minute we put the cake in front of her she was grabbing for it and trying to get her hands on it. So as soon as we pushed them in front of the babies to let them dig in, she went crazy! Of all the babies, she was the last I expected to have so much fun with the cake as she's normally pretty prissy but she dug in and had a blast. While we were able to save at least part of the other three smash cakes, Evelyn's cake was DONE. Fortunately, I had ordered a small sheet cake for the rest of us. 

As you can see, once the cake fun was over, Adam and I took the babies straight upstairs for a quick bath before bringing them down to open their presents. The babies were blessed with tons of clothes and diapers along with a few toys. Once present time was over, the babies were exhausted so they went down for a nap and we spent some time cleaning up. Since Adam's side of the family was in town, his Mom was kind enough to watch the babies that night while Adam and I went with his brother and his wife to see American Sniper. As much as we love our babies, it felt good to get out for just a few hours and be a couple again. 

The Tuesday following their birthday, the babies had their one-year check up at the doctors office. Everyone got good reports of health and everyone weighs in between 18-21 pounds. We've come a long way in a year's time! 

So, where's everyone at now that they're one? 

Daniel absolutely loves to eat! He is usually the first one finished with his food and often he'll snatch pieces from his brother and sisters. He's REALLY boogieing with his army crawl now and is starting to get up on all fours occasionally. He's saying "Dada" a lot but I think he really means Mama! Daniel loves his bottles too and will take them from his sister if she's not paying attention. He is fascinated by the dogs as well and gets mad when they don't pay him attention. Daniel is pretty much always smiling. He's a huge flirt and when new people are around, he almost always charms them with his priceless smile. Seriously, that kid may be the cutest little boy, EVER!

Evelyn is our funny, funny princess. Evelyn has opinions on just about everything. She is our little adventurer. She loves to learn new things and see things she hasn't seen before. She's always taking in her surroundings and is very aware. She's also the most vocal.She mocks all kinds of sounds, most notably, the dogs barking. Not only that, Evelyn's facial expressions speak for themself. You can often see them at the dinner table when she tries something new that she's not exactly sure of. She's also got her army crawl down and when she takes off, you better be ready to run!

Waylon is a Daddy's boy. Seriously, he's his Daddy's biggest fan. When Adam comes into the room, his face lights up. Fortunately, he's also our best hugger. He loves to hug his Mommy and definitely needs Mommy when he's sleepy or when Daddy won't let him have his way. He's all boy in a rough and tumble way. His best buddy, besides Ellie, is Odie,  In the playroom, he is into everything and knows just where his favorite toys are. Waylon is pretty close to walking. He's pulling up and standing. He loves to play a stand-up/sit-down game in the bathtub, especially when he makes a big splash. 

And finally, little Miss Ellie is our little perfectionist. Ellie is very precise with everything she does. When she eats, she carefully picks up each piece, one at a time and makes sure to chew is all well. In the playroom, she's very delicate and plays nicely with each of her toys. She is however known to snatch toys from her siblings. Ellie's favorite thing at the dinner table is to steal the spoons from Mommy and Daddy and she does so with such fervor and determination. Ellie is also close to walking. She pulls herself up and stands up in the crib. And, I'm pleased to report that Ellie's most favorite thing in the world is her Momma. Seriously, y'all, this girl loves me and I happen to eat every moment of it up. No matter where I am, Ellie wants to be. When I'm in the playroom with them, Ellie is ALWAYS climbing on me, sitting on my lap, or playing with whatever toy I'm playing with. Can life possibly get any better? 

We are so proud of how far our children have come in one year's time. To think about their tiny (and scary) start in this world to where they are now makes my heart leap. I'm sad the first year is over, but the age they're at now is SO much fun. I love watching them grow and learn their world. The other day, I taught Evelyn how to put the toy basketball in the Learn and Grow Basketball Goal and raise her arms and cheer when she did it. Seeing her catch on was really a realization of the four little people that I now share a roof with. I can't wait to see what this next year brings and hope that I'll be able to continue to share fairly frequent updates with you guys!

Until next time,

Love and Prayers,