Monday, October 27, 2014

The Most Important Baby Product for Multiples Families!!

**Disclosure (in accordance with FTC Guidelines) - 
This is my personal review of the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This product was purchased with my own money. I was given no special consideration or compensation for reviewing this product.

***REVISION*** December 3, 2014 - I've loved my Baby Brezza. I truly have. Unfortunately, today, the water pump went out on it. Something seemed off yesterday as the bottles weren't mixing properly and were making in the wrong amounts. (If I pressed the button to make an 8 ounce bottle, I'd get 3 ounces, or 5, or 10.) Finally, today, it stopped making bottles completely. For added affect, okay, really because if I didn't call right away I knew I'd forget, with all four babies hungry and crying in the background, I called their customer service. The agent walked me through a few steps to troubleshoot and we were quickly able to diagnose that the pump is not working correctly. Fortunately, it's under warranty and they'll be shipping me a new one in 3-5 days. However, I want to advise everyone that to receive the full warranty, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR RECEIPT. Fortunately, I never clean out my email these days so I still had it but I'll admit, there were a few moments of panic when she told me that! On a side note, would anyone like to come make bottles for me until my new machine arrives? 

Baby Brezza® Formula Pro

I'll admit, when I saw other MOMs (Moms of Multiples) posting pictures of their new Baby Brezza Formula Pros, I was skeptical. Very skeptical. The product was expensive and I'd seen a few poor reviews. The best way for me to describe the Baby Brezza is that it's like a Keurig, except for babies!

To fully understand why this product is such a lifesaver to me, I think it would be helpful if you understood my "old" process first. Prior to the Baby Breeza (which I've owned for about two months now), I or someone else (usually my amazing mother-in-law or my nanny) would spend about an hour a day making bottles. Here's an outline of the steps:

  1. Get 32 bottles out of the dishwasher
  2. Put liners in them
  3. Mix formula up by the batch (fellow quad Mom blogger, Amber, has an awesome tutorial here).
  4. Pour bottles with appropriate amount of formula for each baby.
  5. Matching nipples to colored rings (to know whose bottle is whose)
  6. Screw on nipples
  7. Put caps on bottles
  8. Place bottles in mini-fridge dedicated solely to storing babies' bottles.
Then, when it came time to feed babies, the process went like this:
  1. Remove appropriate bottles from mini-fridge.
  2. Place bottles in crock-pot of hot water kept going all day long. 
  3. Change babies' diapers.
  4. Discover diaper genie is full.
  5. Empty diaper genie.
  6. Discover you're out of diapers.
  7. Get diapers and restock baskets.
  8. Finish changing babies.
  9. Realize you forgot bottles in crock-pot while tending to babies' needs. 
  10. Take bottles out.
  11. Test bottles
  12. Bottles are too hot. 
  13. Listen to babies cry because they're hungry.
  14. Stick too hot bottle in the freezer in hopes of cooling it off faster.
  15. You get the point.

So in summary, the old process was VERY time consuming and often led to frustration for both me and the babies. After seeing MOMs post pictures and rave reviews of theirs, I finally broke down and decided I had to have one. But the price tag on it was approximately $160. When you're buying diapers, wipes, formula, bottle liners, clothes, etc for four babies, $160 is a lot of money. So, when I quit working in August, my last day of work present to myself (in celebration of 10 years of working at the same company), was the Baby Brezza. (I know, most people would pick something way cooler but I'm a quad mom, we think differently.) 

After searching for the best price, I finally decided to purchase mine at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and use a 20% off coupon. I called the 800 number to order (it was not available in any of the stores in my area) and I even got the representative to include free shipping. Several days later, a box arrived at my doorstep and I thought it was Christmas!

The initial set-up didn't take long. The hardest part was determining which ring to use for my specific formula. After that, and cleaning it for the first time, I poured water in it to warm and added my formula. I was ready for morning! 

The process of making bottles now is quite simple! Assuming I remember to pour water in the tank after each feeding, all I have to do is ensure there is plenty of formula in the machine, place my bottle under the spot, press a button, watch the formula mix and pour into the bottom, screw on a nipple and voila! A perfectly warmed, perfectly mixed bottle every time! I'll admit, sometimes I do have to give the bottle a little shake to make sure all of the formula is mixed easily, but it's minimal and can easily be done on the walk back to wherever the babies are. 

While the Formula Pro has been a lifesaver for me, there are a few things you should know. The machine does require frequent cleaning. Nightly, I remove the tray and the spout and run it through the dishwasher with the rest of my bottles. I also wipe everything down daily including the spout underneath where the formula comes out. Monthly, I remove the tank and the formula receptacle and thoroughly wash both. 

The only complaint I have regarding this amazing product is that a larger water tank would be very helpful, especially for families with four babies. We empty this one after each feeding and since the machine actually warms the water prior to mixing, if I forget to fill it up after making the last round of bottles, we're stuck waiting about 10 minutes for warm bottles. 

Hands down, this product is a complete time-saver for anyone feeding formula but especially for parents with multiples! I put this product number two on my list of must-have baby products, second only to a swing for each baby! If you're expecting multiples in the near future, I cannot emphasize enough, how this machine is worth every penny. I only wish we'd had it sooner! Seriously moms, if you're making a registry, put this on it and if you're shopping for a soon-to-be MOM she will LOVE you for this gift!

Until next time,
Love & Prayer,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nine Month Old Quadlings

Can you believe our precious, tiny, tiny babies are already nine months old? So many people texted me today that before I know it, they'll be a year old. Someone even asked if I've started planning their one-year-old birthday party. (I have; in my mind at least). Since of course money and time are both precious commodities in our household during this season, I decided I'd try to do some cute nine-month photos on my own so we spent a couple hours this afternoon dressing up in our Paty rompers (Special thanks to Paty, Inc.), and snapping a few snapshots of everyone. You can only imagine how hard it was to get everyone not crying and looking in the general direction of the camera at once. Even our yorkie decided she had to be a part of the shoot. It was definitely a fun afternoon!

Overall, at nine months we are doing pretty well. Keep in mind, our adjusted age is just over six months so we're still taking our time with some things developmentally. It's pretty normal for preemies, especially micro-preemies to take their time. I like to think that because the first few months of their lives were spent rapidly learning things on their own, they're taking a well deserved break. Afterall, they did teach themselves how to breath! 

 I am seeing so many personalities come out. I get so many smiles, coos, and some mamas and lots of dadas lately. I've noticed that they are much more in control of their limbs, often making sure they are touching me with an arm or a leg at all times when we are feeding. Speaking of feeding, I can now feed all babies at once! They've gotten so big, it's almost impossible to use our old method of feeding two babies on a pillow in my lap. So now I line up for boppies on the floor, insert babies, hand my two babies that hold bottles theirs, and hold them for the other two while I help out with stray/flying bottles from time to time. As you can see, we're gearing up to crawl as well! Mommy has already had to secure a few electrical outlets near the tummy time mat. Here are few shots from our photo shoot with Mommy and one of our feeding time circle:

Grammy and Granddad got each baby a jumparoo and we can ALMOST reach the floor in them now. We're very engaged with the toys however! We've been sitting in them for about 20-30 minutes every afternoon. So far, nobody has fallen asleep sitting in one but we're definitely worn out when we get out of them. It also means Mommy and Daddy's house is looking for and more like a daycare! 

Other than lots going on, we're hanging in there. We managed to go out to the store twice this week and once to the post office again with Mommy riding solo! I'll admit, it's not easy but per my post earlier in the week, I'm trying to ask for help. I've decided that it's too hard to wait for Adam to be off of work to go to the grocery store or Walmart to buy long lists of items so I've learned to push my 90 pound quad stroller (that's the before baby weight for that beast) with one arm and pull the shopping basket behind me. I'm sure I'm a sight to be seen going through the aisles but it works. I still get stopped a lot; but this way, people see I mean business and for the most part, are kind enough to let us by so we can go on our way. Of course, there's still the occasional person who will track us down in the store to show one of their shopping buddies who might have missed us and I did catch one person trying to snap a cell phone pic (I'll save the lecture for now; but do I really have to explain why this is rude). Each shopping trip, I was able to ask someone in the store to help me out to the car with my purchases so I'm making progress here!  And, as a result of my shopping trips, I'm now eating regularly. I'm pleased to report that for the third day in a row, I ate breakfast and it was well before 2:00 in the afternoon (when I usually remember I haven't eaten and start cramming junk into my mouth). I'll spare you the photos of my food, but as an example, this morning I had a whole wheat bagel with scrambled eggs on it and fruit. I also started taking a multi-vitamin as well. Eating has already started to make a difference and I have much more energy than i was feeling for a few days last week. Still, it's a challenge to keep up with laundry and cleaning and still provide quality time with the babies. So you guys can guess what I'm letting go. I am however thinking it might be a good idea, depending on cost, to look into a cleaning service who could come every other week and mop floors, vacuum, dust, scrub bathrooms, and things like that. Time will tell. 

Thanks again for the overwhelmingly kind response to my last post and all of the encouragement and prayers you guys sent. I definitely feel those prayers working. I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday tomorrow. I'm looking forward to next Sunday as Adam and I have a church here in Corpus we plan on checking out together. Until next time,

Love and prayers,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's about time I let it all out. I confess, I haven't been completely 100% honest. You see, I'm guilty of what so many of us are. I hide my struggles, only posting the good, and keeping the struggles locked away where only those closest to me can see and many times, not even sharing with them. After all, who wouldn't prefer to see cute pictures of babies on the beach or hear about how well they're growing? Nobody wants to read about how some days, I don't have the strength to even put on real clothes, much less take a shower and brush my hair. Nobody wants to hear about how I'll do anything, including eating baby food myself, to avoid going to the grocery store alone with four babies. (For the record, rice cereal cannot be used as a substitute for rice when making stir-fry.)

See, from the beginning, I knew that my pregnancy was nothing short of a miracle. God had finally heard my prayers and my cries and had answered them with "yes". He made me a mother. My job, and my promise to Him, was to use my pregnancy and my children to glorify Him. So what better way to do that than to share these gorgeous little miracles God gave me with the world and to share my story of how I went from a 0.5% chance of ever conceiving one month, to being pregnant with quadruplets less than two months later? My job is to be on cloud nine every day, happy, joyous, and sharing my story with everyone I see, all while I praise God and tell others how He answered my prayer and then fulfills my every need. To the world, I need to appear to be SuperMom (a term I hate by the way). I mean, people will run to Him and love Him and glorify Him left and right if He answers prayers like that, right?

Wrong. Actually, I don't think that's what God wants. While I have no doubt that it was Him who answered my prayers and that God definitely wants our story to glorify Him, I also think God wants me to be real. It's okay to admit that what I'm doing and what I've done has been hard. It's okay to admit how much I've cried behind closed doors. So often, strangers approach me and ask me a simple question, yet I never know the right answer to tell them. When they ask me the simple question "is it hard" what do I say? Do I tell them yes, it's hard and some days I only have enough strength in me to get through it minute by minute? Most often, I just smile at them and say "No; God gives me the strength to get through."

But my answer is wrong. I'm making being a Christian look easy on the surface. I'm plastering on a smile that isn't real. I'm hiding the struggle in hopes that it will turn someone on to God. I have a very important job. I'm responsible for four little innocent souls as well as their every need. I carried four babies inside of me at once. My pregnancy was probably one of the most physically hard things I've ever done in my life not to mention the stress levels and worries that went along with it. Providing care for four infants is hard both physically and mentally. And if my quad mom friends are right (and they usually are), it gets even harder as four babies become toddlers and start to explore their limits and test boundaries. It's not supposed to be easy. Everyone knows that. Yet why would I think that God wants me to smile and minimize the struggles?

The truth is, even with God on my side, I struggle. No one ever said being a Christian was easy. So often, we find ourselves feeling pressure to show that because we are Christian, our lives are perfect. God didn't make us perfect, He made a human. And if we're so wrapped up in appearing perfect to others, how does that make us look to non-believers? If our lives are so perfect just by believing in God, then why does God let bad things happen to them even though they want to believe in Him? We're not accurately representing the Christian faith and for that, I am wrong.

Being a Christian isn't easy. Sometimes, I ask God for help and He says "not now". Sometimes, I ask Him to make my day easy, and He gives me extra challenges. I'm so far from perfect it's not even funny. I've been so blessed to have received so many offers of help and while I'm confessing, there are times when I've turned away visits because that would mean I have to take a shower and comb my hair in addition to plastering a smile on my face to make it appear as though I'm handling everything just fine. As Adam will tell you, often, even though people would offer, I was too afraid of letting people see that I needed help and busy trying to do it all by myself, that in the end, I put a lot of unnecessary stress and strain on myself. I realize I'm wrong. I realize it's okay to need help. I realize that God wants me to share my struggles. He wants me to lean on others when they offer help, because that is one of the reasons He put us here and if He puts it on their heart to help me, then by refusing the help, I'm denying Him. 

One of the biggest struggles for me lately has been moving to a new city and knowing no one. While I love our new home and I love seeing Adam at night, during the day, it's just me. There's no community members stopping by to help with laundry or to just give me encouraging words or even just a hug. Day in and day out, it's me caring for four babies' every need all day long. Taking the babies out means I'm setting myself up to be bombarded with the same questions I hear over and over from strangers, not to mention fending off people who make no effort to wash their hands before trying to touch the babies I watched fight to breathe their first breaths from the side of a plastic incubator. Grocery shopping is limited to what I can fit in the bottom of the quad stroller. Trying to make a doctor's appointment is a struggle. Trying to get a haircut or a pedicure or some alone time to feel like a woman again, is unheard of. Most days, unless Adam is home, I'm not eating foods that are good for me; if I eat at all, I'm eating foods that are convenient and I'm starting to see the effect on my health now. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation with one of my friends that wasn't over text message or instant messenger because usually the minute I get on the phone is the minute one or all four decide to cry. And as my husband pointed out, I've been so consumed with trying to move into a home and care for four babies, he can't remember the last time I did a single nice thing just for him. I know God will lead me to wonderful people if I ask Him but right now, I'm struggling.

But I feel like God wants me to share with others that even though I'm struggling right now and things are hard, I know this is only temporary. You see, God is not too concerned about my comfort, happiness, and the ease of my life right now. If that were the case, God would not have made Earth and Heaven separately. God has a plan for me and He has a plan for our babies and He has a plan for each and every one of us. Right now, I feel like God is teaching me, among other things, that it's okay to admit when I need help. There's no need for others to think I'm Super Mom. And even though I love my babies to the moon and back and I treasure them and each and every minute I have with them, it's okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes. 

Of course, it's not for me to know what God's plan is for me. My job is to do one thing: Glorify God. And I've been failing. By hiding my struggles in an attempt to appear as Super Mom, I'm not glorifying God. I've been far too concerned with appearing as though I have everything in control on my own, to be able to give God ALL of the glory.  I need to share both the victories and the struggles with others, lean on them not only for help but also for prayer and testimony so that my life can be a true testament to HIS GLORY! It's not easy but I am taking the first steps. There's a lady here that I met when we moved in whose offered more than once to help me with anything I need. I've been hesitant to accept because inviting strangers into your home is both scary and hard when it's just you, not to mention when you're protecting four infants. However, I've reached out to her. She's going to come by this week and she's going to help me go to the doctor in a couple weeks. I've also reached out to a couple of churches to begin our search for a church home here and I'm working on a way to interact with our neighborhood and let them know we have quads over the upcoming Halloween holiday. And probably an even bigger step towards giving God His glory, is admitting I've been wrong. My only hope is that by sharing my falter, I encourage others to share the real side of them so they too can glorify God. And if by chance you're reading this and you don't believe, then maybe you'll see in your heart that Christians aren't perfect. We struggle too. Sometimes more than you can imagine.

Love and prayers,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun In Our New City

The Quad Dad recently had a few days off of work so we took advantage of the time and did a little adventuring around our new city! What a whirlwind of fun we had! So much fun in fact, that it took me a day or two to recover.

I was extremely proud that I met my goal of having all of our boxes unpacked before he had days off. Too bad one of his tasks during this week was to organize the garage and I was left with a nice stack of items to find homes for in the house as a result. (Speaking of, does anyone want to buy a gently used Fisher Price Rock n' Play Bassinet? We've got four!)
No more boxes!

We absolutely look forward to any time he's off of work because it means family time and we put extra effort into making fun memories on those days. Of course, some of that time is also reserved for the stuff we have to get done when he's off. For instance, there are certain types of tasks one simply cannot complete when they have four babies in tow. At the top of my priorities was a trip to a new doctor for myself. My pregnancy, though I wouldn't trade it for the world, was hard on my body and I've been having some issues with not feeling very well lately so a trip to the doctor was in order. I'm still waiting on the results from some tests that were run but hopefully I'll be able to feel more like myself again soon. 

But on to the good stuff! We love our new city. There are two things that Adam and I have a love for - the water and the mountains. It's our dream to one day buy a ranch up in the mountains and spend our days running it together, but in the meantime, we'll live in our city by the sea and spend our days exploring the seashore! 

We hopped in the car one morning and made a short drive over to Port Aransas! The babies and the Quad Dad both had their first ferry ride into Port Aransas. When we arrived, the first place we hit was the beach but before we could get out and enjoy it, we had to find something to eat because we were starved. After driving around town, we popped into a place called Moby Dick's. The food was okay but not something we were super excited about. Quad Dad got a seafood platter of some sorts and I had a shrimp po'boy. We did however love the appetizer we ordered - the Shrimp Stuffed Chiles were awesome. It came with four red chiles stuffed with shrimp and cream cheese! Mmm!
View of the babies first ferry ride (Exciting huh?)

Once we could think clearly again after finally finding sustenance, we headed to the beach! It was beautiful! We absolutely loved the clean sand and the pretty clear water! For Texas beaches, it was definitely the riviera of Texas! We only caused a minimal scene by taking both the double strollers out on the beach. The few people that were out that day all stopped to see our babies and ask questions about them. Quad Dad did manage to dip his toes, okay, his legs in. I don't blame him! The clear water is pretty irresistible. Even our fur baby had to go for a dip!

Babies on the beach in Port A (Quad Dad and Furbaby in background)

Furbaby taking a swim!

We spent another day going to see The National Seashore. This time, we parked right by the water. The Quad Dad was able to do a little bit of fishing (but no luck) and a lot of swimming! I swear that clear water will call your name! The babies and I got to do a little beach time. They all got to play in the sand a little bit but one baby in particular had herself a blast! 

Baby D enjoying the beach (and trying to eat sand)

We made sure to spend Quad Dad's final day off doing as much as we could! Of course, there were some last minute errands to be run (stocking up on formula and baby water/food of course) but we managed to check out one of the parks in our neighborhood.  One of the neat things about the city we've moved to is that there are tons of nice little parks scattered amongst the neighborhoods. I think these will be perfect for picnics very soon! 
Quad Mom doing some off-road strolling
Quad Dad leading the way through the park

We ended it all with a nice dinner date (plus four) at a restaurant on the water called Doc's Seafood and Steaks. This place was nice. We loved the atmosphere! Quad Dad had a dozen raw oysters (which were good) and the blackened yellowfin tuna which he proclaimed as "outstanding". I had the stuffed chicken which was in a poblano sauce. It too was super yummy! 
Wrapping things up with dinner on the water. Babies having dinner in this pic!

And just like that, it was time for him to head back to work and for me to catch up on laundry! We were definitely able to make some memories in our new city and already have plans for his next days! Fishing will be involved along with hopefully building our own table for the quads! I can't wait! In the meantime, it's my goal to get back to blogging! I miss you guys! 

Until next time,
Love and Prayers,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why I Do Not Recommend Moving with Four Eight-Month Olds (Or Moving - Period)

We all know that moving is quite possibly one of the hardest most stressful times in one's life. So what on Earth would make someone think it's a good idea to move with eight-month-old quadruplets? 

Let me just say first off, that I love the place we are at right now. I also love that Adam is able to come home at night and we are able to easily meet for dinner or to feed/bathe the babies together. I love our house and the fact that it finally feels like we have a home. But make no mistake; I am EXHAUSTED! And I'm not just saying that because that's what people say when they move. No. I'm the kind of exhausted I was when we brought four babies home from NICU that took an hour each to finish a two-ounce bottle and we had to feed them every three hours around the clock and it was just Adam and I doing it. I'm the kind of exhausted that I was when I was 26 weeks pregnant with four babies and the pain and itching kept me up all night every night and all anyone would tell me was "sleep while you can". In case you didn't get it, I'm exhausted! 

Because Adam works so hard during the day for our family, it's been my job alone to tend to our home and our children (after all, isn't that why I quit my job as a recruiter). I absolutely love what I'm doing but it's not as easy of a job as I was expecting. I'll admit, when we discussed me staying home with the babies, I pictured myself lovingly waking up to cook breakfast before sending my husband off to work and then waking our four cozy little bed heads, loving on them, feeding them their perfectly warmed bottles and then snuggling in bed singing and reading to them before I take my own shower where I wash my hair, shave my legs and then follow with styling my hair and applying make up. Followed by a full day of learning and exploring with our four little miracles. Yeah; that's not my life. 

I usually wake up, throw on some lounge pants and a t-shirt, brush my teeth and put in contacts. On a good day, I'll actually run a brush through my hair before it goes in a pony tail. On most days, it just goes up in a pony tail. I let the dog out and make myself a cup of coffee before making the babies' bottles. Then it's time to wake them, change diapers and start our day. In between feeding babies and playing with them, I spend all day unpacking. I am so pleased to report that I only have about three boxes left total! Other than that, I have some random items to put away and a mountain of paperwork that needs to be filed appropriately (living with most of your items either packed up or in storage for nearly two years will do that to you). 

I'm so excited to be done with unpacking. Just in time too because the babies are beginning to drop some of their naps and become a little more demanding in terms of "neediness". Today, Baby C was rather upset this afternoon. I'm pretty sure he was mad because he didn't finish his bottle at 3:00 but we stick to a pretty tight schedule. So, I took him upstairs with me where I was working and he was completely content as long as he could see me and we were talking but if I walked out of the room, he lost his mind! 

Once the unpacking is done, there are still quite a few projects to be done around here. Our dining room table has big plans to be painted. We desperately need a quad table because it's getting harder and harder to contain the babies in their infant seats on the floor and today, we sort of had an incident where green beans and rice flew all over my brand new rug. I also need to shop/create wall art because as my Mom put it, the more blank space I leave, the more it attracts my soon-to-be-toddlers to decorate them for me. And then, there's our empty guest room. We ran into a situation when we moved and our guest bed wouldn't fit up the stairs to our guest room. So for now, if you come see us, be prepared to sleep on the floor! 

It does appear that my new job is one that never runs out of things to do but I wouldn't have it any other way. However, after this experience of moving and tending to four infants, I thought it would be fun to create a Top Ten list. So, straight from my delirious, sleep-deprived little mind here's my Top Ten Reasons NOT to Move When You Have Quadruplets:

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Move When You Have Quadruplets
10) You like to feel rested and energized when you wake in the morning.
9) You don't want to feel like you have run a marathon EVERY DAY for a month.
8) Living out of boxes or amongst boxes for a month or longer is NOT fun. 
7) Bruises - there's bruises all over your body for reasons you know not.
6) Unpacking shifts your focus away from the chores that must be done daily, like laundry. When you realize this has happened, it's already too late and you're forced to wash load after load of laundry for two days straight.
5) Talking on the phone is next to impossible  Seriously, just ask any of my friends or telemarketers who've called me in the last couple of weeks.
4) You like to eat. I feel like for the most part, I've existed on Cheerios and peanut butter sammiches. I realize much of this is due to my own decision that going to the grocery store with quadruplets is such an experience that's I'd rather eat cereal for every meal but's a choice all quad mom's have to make.
3) You have so much on your mind already, it feels like you can't ever finish just one thing. Okay, maybe this is not quad related Maybe I've always been the type to get so wrapped up with something and then get distracted by where each project leads but it's even easier to get distracted when you've got four cute little bundles who need their mommy!
2) You'll miss your friends and people who cared enough about you to help you! Seriously, you guys who've been there for me, you know who you are. I cannot tell you how much I miss each of you.  You each brought such a blessing into my life and it's just not the same without you. 
1) It's scary to be in a new place and need help! It's not that the people are unfriendly by any means. We've had numerous offers from random people and several women have either given or attempted to give me their phone numbers in the grocery store. I'm sure these are all very nice, well-meaning individuals who truly want to help but there's just something about inviting a random stranger from the grocery store into your home with four infants that seems pretty scary. 

There you have it! Now that I'm pretty close to being done with all of the unpacking, hopefully my life can return to some degree of normalcy and I can resume my love of blogging.  As I've been moving and a little bit unavailable, I haven't been able to solicit "Ask the Quad Mom Questions" so I'd really like to resume those posts starting next week. Be sure to send me your questions!

In the meantime, lots of love and prayers to you and yours!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whew - It's been a LONG journey! But I'm back!

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. So many times I've tried to sit down and write a post, but each time, I've been distracted by what feels to be more pressing matters. That seems to be the pattern in my life these days! I have so many good intentions, but the truth is, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Want to journey back through time with me for that glimmer that flashed by my eyes called the month of September?

We started off September with a trip to see Adam's family in New Mexico. Long before we knew we were pregnant, much less, pregnant with quadruplets, Adam applied for bow season in New Mexico. And while in the hospital, we found out that his name was drawn in the lottery! So, we took 5 days and spent them in Roswell with his family. Adam and his Dad woke up early every morning to drive out to the mountain and hunt. His Mom and I took care of babies at the house. Unfortunately, I spent most of my nights tending to crying babies. It took some time for them to get used to being somewhere they did not know and on top of that, we were going through some teething, so I paid the toll and slept in the room with the babies more than once in an attempt to keep them quiet for everyone else. While we were there, Adam and I had our first date in six-months thanks to his awesome parents graciously watching our babies for the day. He took a day off from hunting and we loaded up and drove to Ruidoso for the day. I got a pedicure, we went to the casino, and then we had a nice steak dinner (without the $60 lobster tail - another long story).

Adam's Parents and Babies 1st Visit to New Mexico
As soon as we got back, we spent a day finishing up packing at the farm house, a day loading the truck, and then, we loaded up and headed to the new house in Corpus. Talk about a journey! We set out early that morning, Adam and our puppy driving the truck and the babies and I in the van. We made it to the new house around 11. Immediately, it was time for me to feed babies however, upon arrival, I soon discovered that while I'd set up electricity and other utilities ahead of time, a biggie had slipped my mind - WATER! I made a quick phone call to the city and described our predicament. They told me exactly where to go and fill out a form. This sweet new city was so kind, before Adam even left the office, they had someone here turning on their water. I knew then that I was going to like it here! Soon after, the crew we had hired to help unload arrived. They worked ALL afternoon long bringing in our stuff. They finally finished around 5:00 PM and Adam and I had another task that had to be done - we didn't have a refrigerator! We went a chose a fridge (fortunately I knew the one I wanted and where it was for a good price) and grabbed a burger for dinner. Then we had to take off and drive all the way back to the country to go by Adam's work and pick up his company truck. It's a 3 hour drive one way which meant a very late night for the two of us but Adam had to get back to work the next day! That left me and the babies to unpack...
Early Morning on the Job for Adam

So, for the past few weeks, my life has been babies and unpacking. Moving with eight-month-old quadruplets may be the second hardest thing I've ever had to do. Not only is it mentally challenging, I'm physically exhausted. There are days where I can't move my legs, my ankles are stiff, and now, my back is on it's way out too. In spite of it all, I'm pleased to say, it's FINALLY starting to feel like a home around here. I've finally got a few things up on the wall. I've wittled down the boxes out of our living room to only a few and hope to have those all put away by the end of the week. While we had quite a bit of furniture, there's still some pieces that I need to get but that will come with time. Right now, I'm just focusing on putting the stuff we do have where it goes. Eventually, I need to get a guest bedroom set (ours wouldn't fit up the stairs), a dresser for the babies, a quad table, a microwave and stand for it and as I learned today when I opened a box to find yet even more books, ANOTHER bookcase.  It's been fun going through all of the boxes that we packed several months into my pregnancy. So much stuff kept in storage had been forgotten so it's like I have all kinds of cool new stuff!
THE MESS! This is before I set out unpacking the first box! I'll post an updated picture soon.

We are loving our new city. I told my Mom in one of our phone chats that it kind of feels like I'm on vacation except for I live here! There's so much to do, see and explore that I can't wait to get settled into the house so there's more time for all of that. One of the coolest things is right down the street from our house there's an awesome park with a playground for kids overlooking the bay! It's gorgeous! I can't wait for autumn jaunts in the quad stroller!
View from a park

We wrapped up September with the babies turning eight months old! Can you believe it? They're doing so well and I'm so proud of each and every one of them. Three of them are starting to show interest in holding their own bottles. One looks very close to crawling. Another likes to scoot herself on her back. One LOVES to laugh at everything and is learning to command his mommy's attention well. Another just loves to laugh. One loves to eat and has now begun trying to take food out of my hands if I try to eat in front of him. Each of their little personalities is developing so strongly and it's such a blessing to get to sit back and watch them grow! I'm eager to get back to blogging soon!

So, as you can see, while I haven't been able to do what I love, blogging, lately, it's for good reason! Life has been quite chaotic. I seem to get so sidetracked as there's so much to be done but slowly and surely, I'm make progress! One day at a time and we will get through it together! I better call it a night for now (you'll see this in the morning but it's nearly 1 AM).

Until next time,
Love and Prayers,